A 50-minute consultation to explore your astrological birth chart. Understanding your birth chart helps you to appreciate what makes you, you, why some energies flow for you, and some feel like blocks. Being familiar with your birth chart allows you to embrace the energies that support you and navigate the energies that challenge you.

This consult will include:

  • Overview of your planetary placements, patterns, elements, and modalities
  • A deeper dive into your sun, moon, and rising signs
  • Exploration of themes or questions that you have about yourself or your chart

You will receive:

  • A copy of your chart
  • Both a video and audio recording so you can take notes, rewatch (or listen!), and follow along while I share your chart on the screen and come back to the info anytime you need it.

For the most accurate reading, your birth date, location and time are needed. If you don’t have an accurate birth time, please try your best to get one. Your reading will be significantly enhanced and more accurate with this. Most states offer long-form or vault copies of your birth certificate where the time is listed if you aren’t able to get one from a family member, your baby book, etc. It is possible to a lot of information without your birth time though, so if you can’t find it please just provide as accurate a time as possible.

After purchase, you’ll get two emails – one confirming your payment and another with instructions on how to schedule and complete your intake form.

Email me at hi@cosmicmoves.com if you need support after booking.