Ep. 2: D. of Self-Help Witch

Episode Description

There’s a reason the self-help and personal growth section of bookstores (or Amazon) are usually one of the biggest. As humans, we are always trying to figure ourselves out! My guest this week is D. of Self-Help Witch and she has so many incredible insights about how self-help, self-awareness, personal growth, and astrology all work together.

D. is the creator of Self-Help Witch, supporting magical women on a quest to live their most meaningful lives through providing tools for cultivating a deeper connection to Self. If you’re curious about reclaiming your connection to spirit and spirituality or want to understand how your self-awareness is actually alchemy, this episode is for you!

“The last thing my chart should do is make me feel disempowered” — D. of Self-Help Witch

D. and I chat about:

  • Her journey with astrology and how it helped her through one of the most challenging times in her life
  • How spell casting is really just having a clear intention
  • How self-help work helps humanity
  • What it means when you don’t resonate with your Sun or Rising sign
  • Neptune as a spiritual roller coaster
  • Why tracking daily astrology transits can cause anxiety
  • How to think about the “hard” or “bad” stuff in your chart
  • Our charts as roadmaps to plan for challenges or surprises
  • How not to be overwhelmed by learning astrology

The transcript of this episode can be found here.


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