ep 16 | april astrology forecast: a new take on fire signs 🔥, actual new year resolutions, and an eclipse AND mercury retrograde (oh my!)

Dana and I are back for April chatting all things Aries and Fire signs (neither of us have very much Fire in our charts!) and have some surprising insights about Mars, the ruler of Aries. We pulled a card from the Starseed Oracle Deck that helps us align with the initiating energy of April.

We also talk about:

  • Continuing conversation about Pluto’s move into Aquarius
  • The softer side of Mars and how it can lead to connection and love instead of anger and separation
  • Aries as an expression of knowing yourself and having conviction, which allows for confident and quick action
  • Unlearning conditioning around what is “selfish”
  • The new moon solar eclipse in Aries
  • Mercury’s going retrograde this month and it’s all going to be okay
  • Flowing from fiery Aries energy to grounded Taurus this month
  • Asides about revolutions and Bravo

“I think the other side of Mars that people forget, in terms of traditional rulership in Scorpio, is that softer side. Now we associate it with Aries and the fire and the battle, and the God of war and all of that stuff. But it’s also that passion, Scorpio is the ultimate, sexy, passionate sign and we don’t really associate that with Mars, but it is part of Mars is.”

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