your power place for manifestation according to your astrology chart

your power place for manifestation according to your astrology chart

Something happened that could have totally made me lose my cool. I lost my keys. Keys that included my house, my car, my mail, the key to my parents’ house that I’ve had since 3rd grade and a very sentimental keyring.

They were in my bag when I went to Mexico and when I was on my way back from the airport they were gone.

There were a thousand places they could be and this Virgo rising had thought of about 9,999 of them – all the taxis, bathrooms, planes, restaurants, airports, streets, airbnbs, rooftop bars, the mystical market where I got a tarot reading, the canals of Xochimilco, my uncle’s house…I could go on and on.

And I knew they were…somewhere! Somehow, knowing that they still existed and were on the same planet as me, and even in the country next door, was reassuring!

Like, who am I to judge them for wanting to extend their Mexican vacay? Good for them!

But also, I loved that keyring and I’ve had that key to my parents’ house for over 30 years!! Who does that??

I had spares, so wasn’t in trouble as far as being stuck or locked out, but what a hassle to get new keys to everything! And how expensive! Believe me, all those thoughts crossed my mind in the first 3 minutes.

I took control of the things I could control: Filing lost and found claims at airports, messaging the airbnbs, scouring all of my luggage…and then I let go. I felt sad and then remembered to be grateful for all the time I had with the keys. My spare car key doesn’t do the little thingy where you can just open the door when you’re nearby, you actually have to push the button (sounds like such a small thing but the habit is INGRAINED!), so I was grateful for something that I didn’t even know to be grateful for!

And then I let go. Maybe they were in a taxi in Mexico City and I would never see them again, silly as it sounds, I accepted that that would be the keys’ journey, and losing them was part of mine. If they wanted to come back to me, they would. And they didn’t. Both Airbnbs said no dice. I was getting notifications from the airports that they “hadn’t forgotten about my claim”. I made new keys to my apartment.

And 8 days later the airbnb in San Miguel sent a picture asking if these were my keys and I opened it while I was on a work call and told my teammate “sorry to interrupt but I lost my keys in Mexico and I just got a notification that they FOUND THEM!”, and we celebrated for 30 seconds and got back to business. But man, oh man, if I wasn’t overjoyed that those little keys just wanted to spend a week longer in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and then come back home!

Whether or not you believe in manifestation or energy, I can tell you that because I chose to not be stressed, doing what I could that was in my power, and basically partnering with my keys to say ‘hey, I miss you, but also, you do you and have fun down there’ didn’t hurt in their mysterious reappearance a week later.

Note to self: get into the quantum physics behind why astrology works and why our thoughts are things and why we can manifest things like lost keys coming back to us…should be a short newsletter 😜

What does this have to do with astrology, Lynnette? ← possibly you right now

The astro tie-in is twofold:

  1. Anytime I have an opportunity for spiritual growth like this, I always look at my chart to see what the heck is going on. I don’t know exactly which day my keys escaped to lengthen their vacay, but around this time Pluto was in a harmonious aspect to the North Node, which is a great time for transformative soul growth (check ✅) BUT it was at an uncomfortable angle to my natal Neptune that makes things annoying and causes a need for adjustment (check check ✅✅). Let’s also account for the fact that Pluto represents hidden things and Neptune can be a space cadet. Sounds like a recipe for annoying spiritual growth!

  2. Whenever I have spiritual growth I think about what that means for YOU! Our 2nd house is our home base for all things manifestation, how we can do it and what our blocks might be. My 2nd house is ruled by Libra [see below] ♎️, so it’s key for me to focus on partnership with the Universe to make things happen.

Below are one-liners for each sign on how to tap into your manifestation power based on your rising sign (2nd house ruler in parentheses):

If you’d like to learn more about manifestation in general, I recommend To Be Magnetic, they offer a lot of great content based on neuroscience that helps to understand what manifestation is and how to do it. Also, if you know your Human Design chart, find out if you are a specific or non-specific manifestor to help guide you in how to structure what you’re calling in. Here’s an awesome blog post by my friend Rachel of Pure Generators!

Don’t know your rising sign? Watch my video on how to pull your chart here.

Aries Rising (Taurus 2nd House): Tap into your senses to see what your body is telling you to call in, what physically lights you up when you dream of calling it in whether it’s goosebumps, muscles relaxing, or a gut feeling.

Taurus Rising (Gemini 2nd House): Talk or write about what you’d like to call in – share with others and then journal about it.

Gemini Rising (Cancer 2nd House): Create a sacred space, whether it’s physically with lots of cozy pillows or candles, or temporally with a specific time you carve out just to dream and focus on what you are calling in.

Cancer Rising (Leo 2nd House): Usually this sign loves to be in the spotlight, but turn that generosity around and create an altar showcasing and honoring all that you are calling in.

Leo Rising (Virgo 2nd House): Be of service to yourself and take a practical approach – whatever that means to you, it could be list-making, categorizing your manifestations, or finding the most efficient way to align your subconscious with what you’re calling in.

Virgo Rising (Libra 2nd House): Focus on what you truly value – does it align with what you think you want to call in? Maybe that fancy thing is actually something you want for an external reason like impressing others.

Libra Rising (Scorpio 2nd House): Scorpio has the unique potential to alchemize, tapping into your sixth sense and listening to the pings from the universe will help you find the most magical and easeful things for you to manifest.

Scorpio Rising (Sagittarius 2nd House): Find a person or experience that can mirror back to you what you are calling in and expand your thoughts of what is possible.

Sagittarius Rising (Capricorn 2nd House): Make your list and focus on each item as a goal. Practice, practice, practice manifestation starting with small things like parking spaces and then increasing as you get better and better.

Capricorn Rising (Aquarius 2nd House): Observe the things that excite you or even make you envious or jealous and take notes – these are showing you what you want to call in. Start with the ones with the most pings or strongest reactions.

Aquarius Rising (Pisces 2nd House): Use your imagination! Dream big and while you’re at it, pay attention to your dreams to see what your subconscious is asking you to call in.

Pisces Rising (Aries 2nd House): Take action and be direct! Make a list, create a vision board, actively put what you want to manifest out into the universe.

Do you want to get a little deeper with your 2nd house and manifestation power? Book a Cosmic Consult with me and we can explore!