Travel Guide: London

I’ve been to London a few times, so Big Ben isn’t on this list, but if you’re looking to find something a little more low-key and Lynnette-y, try these!

My Saved Spots

The Astrology Shop is a destination for anyone interested in astrology or the metaphysical. They have an incredible selection of astrology books for beginners through advanced astrologers, many of which are only available in the UK. It’s right near the West End and Covent Garden, so lots of wandering around is available to you right after you carry out your haul 😄.

The Bar With Shapes For Names is a minimalist and delicious bar in East London, even the name is literally just 🔶🟥🔵. This is pretty much the ultimate in craft cocktails and style. Try the pastel for a fresh light pink pick-me-up and the espresso martini for the perfect drink to stave off jetlag and keep you smiling.

I wasn’t able to make it to Paris on this trip, but did everything I could to get some French flavor in my trip. That included stopping by Librairie La Page to add to the weight of my suitcase and buying just a few more books and magazines. The minute you walk in, everyone is speaking French, and they’re super supportive for beginners who are looking for something to read!

After visiting the bookshop, stop by Maitre Choux for some sweets. The eclairs are stunning (hello gold leaf!), but the choux are where it’s at – they have the best cream to choux pastry ratio.

Okay, the best place to eat in London is my best friend’s house, and I’m sure he will be happy to have you over if you’re in town…BUT we had one meal out the whole time I was there and it was at Campania and it was HEAVEN. Why heaven? Because everything tasted like a fluffy cloud made by an angel. We pretty much ordered one of everything, the rosemary potatoes were 🤯 and the fiori di zucca were 🤯🤯. Not that it needed anything else to top of the amazing culinary experience, but the space itself was stunning, with rustic dinnerware, cobblestone floors, and marble tables.

I love a good metaphysical shop, they usually smell of incense, have little aisles or cubbies full of books and decks, and bins full of crystals. But there are a handful of metaphysical stores that are curated to perfection. You go there as much for the aesthetics as for the wares. She’s Lost Control is one of them. They hold events, readings, and have all the instagram-worthy metaphysical goods you could ask for. I left with a custom-made ceramic incense holder, a crystal, and a new deck (because you know I can’t ever have enough decks 🤩).

She’s Lost Control is in the Broadway Market in Hackney, which leads you right to London Fields, a large meadow where East Londoners spread out whenever the sun makes an appearance. While you’re wandering through the market before you head to the park, stop at Noble Fine Liquor for a bottle of natural wine and then grab a sourdough pizza at Franco Manca. For some reason the weather always agrees with me when I visit London, so I had the pleasure of not one, but two(!) picnics in the park while I was there and got to make friends with all the dogs and actually get a tan 😮 in the British sun.

The Day Trip

We took the best little road trip to the Cotswolds (I did not drive 😵‍💫) where I got to admire the lush green countryside and squealed pretty much everytime I saw a sheep (which was a lot of times 🐑). We spent the night at Cowley Manor…and again, that UK sun shone down on me because we laid. out. by. the. pool. 😎 We stayed in a suite with an enormous wrap around balcony that looked over the grounds. It was the perfect place for a BFF fiesta with room service, wine, music and a hotel dance party.

On the way back to London, we stopped in two little towns Bibury and Burford. Both are beautiful little spots to walk around, take in the sights, and do a little shopping. My favorite shop was the Costwold Cheese Shop (because 🧀). Rumor also has it that Burford is one of Kate Moss’ favorite places 💁‍♀️


I upgraded to United’s semi-new Premium Plus both directions. It’s basically like domestic first-class on an international trip. I thought it was great! Just having the extra space and not worrying about falling asleep and possibly drooling 🤤 on your neighbor’s shoulder was worth it

Get ready to use your Apple Pay on the tube or overground. It just takes a quick tap and you’re through…don’t forget that you have to tap on your way out too!

We used UFO Drive to rent a Tesla for our day trip. I am not prepared to go around town driving on the right side of the road, but then again, I am an excellent co-pilot and navigator. If you’re up for the adventure, the experience was kind of meh so I might suggest trying another service next time. The wifi in the garage was hit or miss and was the only way to actually get into the car. The app was not as helpful as the car to locate the nearest charging stations. Oh yeah…we spent a half hour just trying to figure out how to get into the garage because the entrance they directed us to was completely boarded up.

I loved going back to some of my favorite places in London and exploring new ones! As long as my best friend lives there, I’m sure I’ll keep visiting pretty often 💕 Have any other questions? Let me know! Have other recommendations? Please share in the comments!