New Year Magic

The astrological new year is another invitation to plant seeds (this time of year they may be real seeds 🌱!) and set intentions. I just learned about an amazing way to celebrate and align with each sign of the zodiac. If you are new to astrology, this is also a great way to familiarize yourself with the signs too!

Did you know that there are twelve days in between the Equinox (today) and the end of March? And that there are twelve zodiac signs? And that we can align with the energy of each sign for the next 12 days to set the stage for how the next year will go?!

Each of the twelve days (today through the end of the month) will symbolize the sign/month of the next astrological year. By embracing each sign for the next twelve days, you can identify your goals in the area of life that the sign represents. That means that you can take actions every day that set your intentions and set the stage for how the next twelve months will unfold as the Sun travels through each sign!

This is a lot like New Moon intention setting, you can make this your own, it can be a daily ritual but it doesn’t have to be. Just dedicating space in your day to your goals and intentions or using the energy of that sign as your theme for the day will get the job done. In the spirit of Aries season, don’t overthink it, just take action.

Your calendar is below with recommendations on how to embrace the energies and themes of each sign. You can review them each morning and intuitively let them guide your day, or take some time today to plan out your focus and intentions.

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March 20

Aries: Embrace the ‘I AM’ Aries energy, put yourself first with integrity. Take action and initiative on something you want to drive forward this year and don’t overthink it. Take a risk that will help you with your intention.

March 21

Taurus: A great day to focus on any financial goals you may have for this year or anything you want to stick to (Taurus is the sign of determination and practicality). But don’t forget to enjoy good food, beautiful music, and other sensory pleasures, Taurus loves it when you take care of yourself!

March 22

Gemini: Focus your attention on communication, what do you want to put out into the world through writing, speaking, or any other type of self-expression this year? Also a great day to set any goals around your network, technology, or siblings.

March 23

Cancer: Embrace your feelings, what are your intentions around connecting with your feelings and those of others this year? If you have plans for anything related to home or family, today is the day to set those intentions.

March 24

Leo: Embrace Leo’s carefree and childlike energy. How will you bring more play and leisure to your life this year? If you are looking to create something, a business, a child, art, today is the day to set intentions around that.

March 25

Virgo: Do you want to get more organized this year? Improve your health? Find better routines? Today is the day to align with those energies and set those intentions. Also, anything related to pets!

March 26

Libra: What are your relationship goals this year? Take action today to plant your seeds around partnership with others. If you’re looking to bring more balance and harmony into this year, make sure to align with those energies today.

March 27

Scorpio: Release and let go. What do you want to leave behind in the last astrological year to start fresh? If there is any part of your life you are looking to transform, focus your energy there today to set those intentions.

March 28

Sagittarius: How do you want to expand your horizons this year? Whether you are looking to explore new realms physically, mentally, or spiritually, today is the day to set your intentions around travel, exploring foreign cultures, religion, your worldview, or higher education.

March 29

Capricorn: This is the ultimate goal-setting day. Look at whatever you want to achieve and accomplish this year and work on it today, setting intentions and new beginnings.

March 30

Aquarius: Embrace Aquarius’ energy of freedom, observation, and eccentricity. How do you want to be your most authentic self this year? How do you want to support the collective? Plant your seeds today around your vision of the future.

March 31

Pisces: As you close out the cycle, set intentions around how you will include reflection and retreat in the next year. How will you turn inward and connect to your spirituality, dreams, and connection with that which is larger than yourself?