New Moon in Taurus

May 11, 2021 | New Moon | Taurus | 11:59 AM PT | 2:59 PM ET | 7:59 PM BST
\ ˈnü ˈmün \ The Moon phase where the sky goes dark, we turn inward, planting seeds of intention and new beginnings

The New Moon in Taurus is our chance every year to literally and figuratively plant seeds! Agriculturally speaking (I don’t think I’ve ever started a sentence that way before 😆), this time in May is traditionally when we plant physical seeds in the Earth, watch them grow and tend to them over the summer, and harvest them come Virgo season in September.

New Moons are our invitations each month to plant seeds of intention to align with each Zodiac sign, so when we match this energy up with the physical world, we have double the opportunity to tap into that energy of fertility, creativity, and abundance.

If you know which house is ruled by Taurus in your chart (10th House in the chart cast for Denver), you can focus your intention setting on the area of your life that corresponds to that house!

For a house-by-house description of each house check out my Demystifying The Houses guide!

This particular New Moon also is tied to the Saturn/Uranus square we’re all working with this year, as well as the deep healing energy of the asteroid Chiron.

One way to make the most of these connections in the Cosmos is to set intentions or find ways of overcoming your own wounds and past “stuff” that you can’t seem to move past. This is an opportunity for a fresh start to shake up (uranus) your foundation (saturn) of the thoughts and stories that you’re telling yourself that may not be serving you. Rick Levine tells us about this New Moon, “it’s more important than ever to not take things personally”, because this is where we get stuck in the loop of judgment, hurt, and putting up walls. We can tap into Taurus’ practicality to ground ourselves and take a practical approach to these healing opportunities, through working on our own wounds and avoiding new ones by letting each other deal with our own “stuff” and having compassion and kindness toward one another.

Here are some Taurean questions to contemplate, pull cards on, or journal about as you set up for your intentions and ritual:

  • What does abundance mean to me?
  • Where can I truly commit to my healing?
  • What can I do to connect with nature and the Earth?
  • How can I curate beauty around me?
  • Where can I be intentional about embracing pleasure?