My 2022 Word of the Year

Whether you’re a new year resolutioner, intentioner, or just-another-day-er, I think it’s always fun to celebrate a new beginning with, well, pretty much everyone!

This new year brought some tragedy right here in my own backyard with the massive wildfires that destroyed nearly a thousand homes and structures near Boulder, Colorado this week. The people I know who live in the area still have their homes, but almost everybody around here knows somebody who knows somebody who was impacted by these horrible fires. I am so grateful to my mom, who just picked up the phone and started calling businesses in the area to see who needed help (because that is the kind of special lady that she is ❤️).

She scooped me up today and we helped load up and transport donated clothes in the Boulder area for a few hours. It is always amazing to see how a community rallies when people need it most, many places were turning down donations for the day because they couldn’t handle the volume (aka generosity!). While it wasn’t much, we were grateful to be able to start the new year by helping others.

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It’s been a whole week since I was hemming and hawing about having a new word for 2022. I was (and still am) in love with my 2021 word, alchemy

When I was writing last week’s Constellation, I started a new notion page to list potential words…and only added one. Guess how many are on that list today 😆…but it’s the RIGHT one. 

The adventure with my mom today sealed the deal.

My word for 2022 is…


Ritual helps me to find magic in the mundane, whether it’s lighting a candle at the beginning of the day, pulling a tarot card, writing in my journal at the end of the day, or taking a bath.

Today my mom and I both did what we do to feel connected to our matriarchal lineage – we wore turquoise jewelry that belonged to my grandmother and my great grandmother. This is our ritual! We both always wear these pieces when we want to feel closer to Grandmalula and Mommy Anna, and to bring them with us on the adventures of the day! They go all around town with us 😂

I get really hung up on not doing enough…not meal planning, not exercising enough, not organizing my time around my business…the list goes on and on and on. Part of the reason is because I get paralyzed 😳 by feeling like I’m not going to do the things right or consistently, so I just don’t even start. 

For me, adding ritual around these “to dos” helps take some of the pressure off. It not only adds the touch of magic, but invites me to just be present in the moment instead of thinking about the next time I’ll do the thing or if I’ll do it the right way.

Astrologer Caroline Casey says, “ritual…allows us to transcend passivity and become active agents in creating our lives.” 

In 2022, I am looking forward to embracing ritual to create the life I want to live. We don’t talk much about Earth in astrology because it’s an Earth-centric science (I’m sure someday this will be totally turned on its head as all of this Neptune in Pisces energy starts to unravel more information about beings from other planets 👽 and stuff…but for today, Earth is where it’s at 🌍). But Earth is a planet of action – we are here to make moves, to grow into our authentic selves, and to liiiiive. 

Adding magic, sacredness, and reverence for this gift of the mundane (checking emails! doing laundry! paying bills!) can only help us to see the magic and sacredness in ourselves.

How can you add a little magic to your life this year? How can you have reverence for all that you are and all that you’ve done? How can you find the sacred in every day living?