Getting To Know The Planet Venus

getting to know venus

Let’s get to know the planet Venus a little better!

Your Venus placement in your chart will have the energy of the house and sign that it was in when you were born. Understanding Venus in your chart helps you better connect to love for others and love for yourself, so she’s a great next planet to learn about after your Sun, Moon, and Rising!

  • Venusian Themes: Relationships, what we value, beauty, finances, self-worth, how we manifest, art, fashion, social graces, pleasure

  • Venus shows us what we attract in our life and how we express our feminine energy

  • Mantra: I Love ❤️

  • Venus rules the signs of Libra and Taurus, which means she is happiest in those signs

  • Friday is Venus’ Day (Viernes in Spanish and Vendredi in French). You can tap into Venusian energy any Fridays to rock your fashion and beauty game, turn up the romance or self-care, or make something beautiful.

  • Venus is named after the goddess of love and emotions. Obvi she was stunning and left a trail of flowers behind her anywhere she walked 🌸

  • Venus takes 225 days to go around the Sun, but your Venus Return can change every year due to retrogrades. You’ll have at least one a year when she returns to the same place she was in the sky when you were born and each one is the start of a new cycle for you around Venus themes.

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