Full Moon in Virgo

February 27, 2021 | Full Moon | Virgo | 12:18 AM PST, 3:18 AM EST

Full Moons always invite us to release what is no longer serving us and help us to do so by illuminating things of our life that we can let go of. The full moon lights up our path to shedding what we no longer need and growing into the next stage of our highest and best self.

The energy waxes and wanes (just like the moon!) 2-3 days before and after the exact moment that the sun and moon are across from each other in the sky, in this case, it will be in the middle of the night for most of us in the Americas and throughout the day as you circle the globe.

Virgo is the sign of healing, our daily work, and our mind-body connection, so with this full moon we have the opportunity to look at these areas of our life and release any habits that are no longer working for us. Take a look at everything you are putting into, onto, and around your body and mind, is it supportive of you? Should you explore clean body products to help remove toxins? Should you cleanse from a food that doesn’t make you feel great? Think about how your thoughts, food, movement, water, etc. are affecting your body and intuit what you are ready to let go of.

Virgo also asks us to be present in our daily lives, to seek clarity and simplicity so we can be effective and efficient in where we place our efforts. This is an amazing time to dip your toe into a life edit, to take a discerning look at what you do and don’t need. This shouldn’t be a practice in what you think minimalism is or should look like, but just an opportunity to take a good look at what you do and do not use in your daily life, what does and does not bring you joy, and what may have used to serve a purpose or brought you joy but no longer does!

I highly recommend this post and episode from Krista Williams of the Almost 30 podcast that walks you through a reasonable and realistic approach to a life edit.

I also HIGHLY recommend following Annie of the LA minimalist on Instagram, she has such a supportive and non-dogmatic approach to what minimalism means and how we can make it fit into our everyday lives. My favorite lesson from her is #therulesarefake, where she reminds us that we need to leave our lives the best way for OURSELVES and not fit into any molds that society, social media, or the people in our lives think that we should.

This Full Moon also comes as we’re ushering in Pisces season, the last sign of the zodiac and the ending of the astrological new year. This is a great opportunity to start thinking about how you want to ring in the new astrological new year with Aries season in April, perhaps with some of these editing, reviewing, and cleansing practices!