Demystifying The Houses

I don’t know about you, but when I first started learning astrology, I was like “okay, planets, I know what those are.” And then I was like, “okay, I know my sun sign, I get what the zodiac is.” And then I saw my chart and a bunch of pizza pie slices in a circle and my eyes glazed over 😵‍💫.

Astrology is a language and when we’re learning how to put together a basic sentence we need three components: planet + sign + house.

Don’t despair, there is SO much we can glean from the individual planets and signs that we know and love. But, when you start to get the houses under your belt it opens up a whole new world of information about your chart becaaaause…

The planet = the energy (e.g. the sun is your identity and essence)

The sign = how that energy is expressed (e.g. Leo is a leader, creative, generous)

and the HOUSE = the area of life (e.g. the 10th house is about your calling, career, and influence)

So when we put this sentence together we can start to see that someone with a Leo sun in the 10th house might be highly driven to be a creative leader in their career or be called to be super generous to their sphere of influence. Ta da! There are so many ways to interpret each piece, but when you have the building blocks of all three pieces it adds a new dimension to your placements!

That’s why I want to gift you with my ultimate guide to the houses, Demystified: The Houses. This PDF gives you a foundational understanding of what the houses are and how to use them to feel empowered to interpret your own chart. It includes an overview of what exactly a house is, clues you in to what to actually do with your houses, and breaks down the main question and themes for each of the 12 houses.