2021’s Signature Aspect | Saturn Square Uranus

Saturn square Uranus is the signature aspect of 2021. After the intense transformation we all experienced in 2020, this aspect will continue the pattern of disruption to the structures in our lives.

Saturn is the planet of the structure in our lives, authority, responsibility, and discipline. Uranus is the planet of expecting the unexpected, rebellion (even revolution!), innovation, and change. The change to your structures that are no longer serving you will help you pursue your vision. Ask yourself what work you need to do on the structures and foundations in your life or how you will change them to pursue your goals and dreams.

This dynamic duo is meeting in the sky at a 90 ° angle, or a square, with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus and will be squaring each other three times this year:

  • February 17th | you’ll be introduced to a new idea or way of looking at things
  • June 14th | you’ll have the opportunity to revise and review the area of your life you’re looking to change up (likely your Aquarius or Taurus houses)
  • December 24th | time to put your plans in place to activate the shifts you reflected on in June and kick off a new 20-year cycle

A square aspect creates a tension between the two planets that are 90° from each other, but through this tension comes growth! Squares push us out of our comfort zone so we can move forward, so while they are not always pleasant, they can be very productive!

Saturn and Uranus dance with each other in a 45-year cycle, so at each of these points this year you may be reminded of previous points of the cycle, especially similar themes from 1988 and 1999/2000. This will be particularly impactful for you if you were born in 1987/1988 or have any planets at 7° of any sign, but especially if they are in Aquarius or Taurus.

Saturn in Aquarius is asking us to shift our perspective, detach, and take a 30,000-foot view. Uranus in Taurus is not the happiest placement for Uranus, but if you put your mind to making a change, this placement will make sure that it sticks! According to Sue Tompkins, “new ideas, inventions or attitudes heralded by Uranus actually take root and materialise when that planet meets up with Saturn.” So, regardless of your religion, tapping into the energy of Lent for the February 17th transit, and committing to a new habit, routine, or change for 40 days will be strongly supported by this placement.

As we close the chapter on 2020, 2021 gives us an opportunity to change any structures that aren’t working for us on a personal and collective level. These transits will continue to foster energy collectively that challenges authority and tradition and we can expect to seek a balance between a strong need for change and a desire to keep things the way they are (or even slow down unavoidable change).

This series of three squares is an opportunity for us to work on the structures in our life, evaluate which are serving us and which we have outgrown. Ask yourself, how can you change the structures in your life to achieve your vision? This is the year to lean into change, as it will happen whether we want it to or not. Astrology gives us the ability to understand that change is a comin’ and proactively ride the wave 🌊