10 ways to intentionally embrace Mercury retrograde season

If you’ve been following me for any number of mercury retrogrades, you know that I always implore you not to fear the retrograde! It’s just another transit that the internet happened to grab onto and turned into a thing. 

Does that mean that technology doesn’t break and travel doesn’t get confuddled more during a retrograde? Definitely not, but there are so many ways we can go with the retrograde flow and benefit from the energy. All retrogrades are not created equal, the intensity or impact they have on you will always depend on where they are taking place in your chart. 

In mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, which is why he rules things like communication and travel. Just like any other planet, Mercury appreeshes it when we show him a little love ❤️ . Mercury retrograde is a great time to honor the speedy planet and the air element (since he’ll be travelling through Aquarius) to connect and flow with the energy.

Here are 10 ways to intentionally embrace Mercury retrograde season:

  1. light some incense | incense is often used to represent the air element when setting up an altar or working some magique.
  2. listen to music 🎶 | with all this air energy, extra points for wind instruments (hey lizzo and her flute!).
  3. do some breathwork 🧘 |even just noticing your breath will support you, but if you want to go deeper Ashley Neese’s work is excellent
  4. feel the wind 🌬 | explore nature and follow a gentle breeze, or let a stronger wind blow any negative energy off of you.
  5. create space | declutter your home, mind, or body to invite more space in and let stuff out.
  6. write ✍️|Mercury rules writing, so align with his energy by upping your writing time whether it’s free writing, using journal prompts, or making lists, just put some words to paper.
  7. do yoga or another activity that focuses on the breath | I love the class because the teachers always remind you to pay attention to your breath and it also helps move so much energy – energetic decluttering! They’re offering a free series through the end of the month.
  8. converse and exchange ideas with intention 🗣 | be present in your interactions and be an observer to the wonder of how our minds work and what the flow of a conversation is like.
  9. tap into your sense of smell  – close your eyes and smell your food before you eat it, stop and smell the roses, try a new perfume (i love these ones)
  10. practice magic 🪄 | try out a little spell, set your intentions and create your own magic. This article is a little dated, but I love the suggestions for bringing a little magic into your retrograde days.