Hi! I’m Lynnette

I’m an innovative and introverted (Aquarius Sun), creative and loving (Leo Moon) eternal student who loves analyzing data and helping others (Virgo Rising) to grow into the best version of themselves.

All of these traits led me straight to astrology, it’s the framework that speaks to me most when I’m looking to make sense of myself and the world around me.

My cosmic roadmap has led me to meet you here today:

✩ Growing up I was surrounded by my mom’s books about numerology, palm reading, handwriting analysis, astrology…you name it, the seed was planted early

✩ My studies and career have all been dedicated to languages and international endeavors. I have always loved language, travel, and culture (also thanks to my mama). I grew up bilingual in Spanish 🇲🇽, majored in French 🇫🇷, and got my masters in translation and localization management

✩ About 2.5 years ago I learned about astro*carto*graphy, aka locational astrology or geographic astrology, and my mind was BLOWN. To be able to merge my love of travel with my love of astrology was EVERYTHING. To understand which planetary energies affected me across the globe was not only lifechanging in the smallest sense of planning my next vacation spot, but also in the paradigm-shifting sense of understanding where the hidden, shadow, and undiscovered parts of myself are. And all this was right in front of my face on a map !

The word cosmos comes from the Greek word kosmos, or the order of the universe. It’s true…my Virgo rising loves to put order around the dynamics that life throws at us. But while I believe that astrology allows us to put order around the perceived disorder in our lives, what I truly love about it is that it directly connects us to the universe.

Astrology is a tool to help us uncover our soul’s roadmap and I’m so grateful you are joining me on this journey through the cosmos ❤️